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Door Signs


You may be looking for a discretely placed external name plate for your business or a brightly-coloured full door wrap to radically transform your internal office space. Whichever type of door sign you are looking for, we can help. Door signs are the first thing a new customer, client or employee sees – so it is important to do your business justice with the right materials and a graphics that make a lasting first impression. Choose from a range of textures such as brushed stainless steel, glass, gold, brass and subtle frosted effects (see the materials section below for more information).

Our experienced installation team can be on hand to help you with the installation of your door signs if you need any assistance. Or, alternatively, we can dispatch your door signs by courier (including screws, fixings and screw covers) to the UK ready for self installation.

Take inspiration from our past work above and below and start a conversation with us using our Quick Quote service (it’s the fastest way to get an accurate, professional quote for your signs). There are lots of alternatives when it comes to door signs so if you want to talk through the options, give us a ring during business hours on 020 8426 6600 and we’ll walk you through the options.

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External door plaques

Ideal for corporate offices, professional service firms, doctors, dentists and other professionals. The best external door plaques discreetly tell people you’re there with style and sophistication. The most commonly requested finishes are chrome-effect mirror polish, brushed stainless steel, brass and gold-plate.

See examples of external door plaques that we’ve worked on

Door letters and logos

Create impact with large letters and logos placed above your entrance door. Door signs in a large size have a marketing value and prominently advertise your business to the world outside. Take a look at our gallery of door letters and logos, which are commonly fabricated in metal 3d letters or pieces of acrylic and can be illuminated with LEDs.

See examples of door letters and logos that we’ve worked on

Internal office door signs

We make internal name plates, health and safety signs, WC signs and every other small sign you see in the corridors, meeting rooms and waiting areas of the modern office space. Our installation team has 25+ years of experience and can quietly and discreetly install signs with no disruption to your business. Call us about pricing options on 020 8426 6600 today.

See examples of internal office door signs that we’ve worked on

Door wraps

Door wraps can have a transformative and bold effect on office spaces and other indoor environments. For example, we installed a large number of these for UK fashion retailer Zara at their London offices to communicate the company’s brand message to employees. They can be used to add splashes of vibrant colour or to modernise drab office spaces.

See examples of door wraps that we’ve worked on

Projecting door signs

Projection signs add a third dimension to your door signs and let passersby know that you’re there. If your business is on the high street, you can’t afford to be without one – so make sure it stands out and does justice to your business.

See examples of projecting door signs that we’ve worked on

Materials & Finishes


There are many possible combinations of materials and finishes but to assist you in specifying the sign you need we have set out some of the most popular below. Please take a look at the available materials below and specify or ask about them when you request your quote.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you deliver?

Some door signs are small enough (such as door plaques) that we can send your signs by post your signs for doorstep delivery, with all associated fixing and screw covers as necessary. We offer a comprehensive installation service for all signs, large and small to ensure your sign is installed as well as it is made. Just tell us what suits you best.

How does installation work?

We install your signs with minimal disruption to your business. Our in-house fully qualified installation team will fit and finish your signs with the least possible inconvenience during office hours. The team is also very presentable! We also designate a member of the Action Signs team who acts as a corporate point of contact so you have continuity in your dealings with us.

Can you design the door signs?

Yes. We offer a comprehensive design service from our London studios. Experience sign designers will think about your sign in the content of your overall brand, style, typography and colour scheme and come up with a number of suggestions that may be viable. We’ll then work with your appropriate project team/representatives to finesse that idea to sign perfection.

More Inspiration

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