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Metal Signs


We extensively use metal in the production of premium grade signs because of its durability and versatility. Metal signs can be cast in any shape or size with a wide variety of metallic or painted finishes. We expect our metal signs to stand the test of time and add gravitas and authority to your business.

For example, 3D metal letters are very effective in creating eye catching and impactful reception signs. Brushed stainless steel, on the other hand, is the perfect base for small informative or navigational signs. Metal signs can be illuminated using LED or ambient light sources to create additional reflective qualities or to add an unmissable outer glow to your creations.

Action Signs are professional metal sign makers and have been working in this space for 25+ years. We have worked on every type of metal sign imaginable and can advise you on your options. The first step is to tell us what you’re looking for by using the Quick Quote service. We’ll turn round a quote within 2-4 business hours and if you’re happy, we’ll get to work.

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Engraved or Etched Metal Plaques

Add distinction to your office or business space with engraved or etched metal plaques. Available in a wide range of metallic finishes (see below) plaques can be engraved with names, a corporate message or your company logo. We also offer acid-etching for total precision in transferring your digital artwork onto the face of the metal sign. A full Pantone range of colours can be incorporated through the use of enamel paint in the recess of the engraving/etching.

See examples of metal plaque signs that we’ve worked on

3D Metal Letters

Built-up 3D metal letters serve a variety of purposes – from large external building signs to internal entrance/reception signs. They can be painted or left untreated in a range of metallic finishes. Choose from brushed stainless steel/aluminium, brass-effect, gold-effect, chrome/mirror polish and satin and matt painted textures. 3D Metal Letters can also house LED lights which produce a glow at the perimeter of each letter for extra impact.

See examples of 3D metal letters that we’ve worked on

Flat Cut Metal Letters

Flat cut-out metal letters offer a versatile and cost-effective signage solution for internal walls and surfaces. Their low profile can look subtle and understated and they are ideal for luxury establishments, restaurants, bars, showrooms. Available in many metallic and painted finishes (see below).

See examples of flat cut metal letters that we’ve worked on

Metal Signs For Offices

Metal signs are an everyday part of office life. An effective metal sign in an office environment seamlessly falls into the background but serves its useful purpose when required. It should look in keeping with the organisations overall brand and be internally consistent with other metal signs within the same office. We make directory, companies boards, lift/elevator, WC, room number, building number, health and safety, directional and all other types of metal office sign.

See examples of metal office signs we have worked on

Materials & Finishes


There are many possible combinations of materials and finishes but to assist you in specifying the sign you need we have set out some of the most popular below. Please take a look at the available materials below and specify or ask about them when you request your quote.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you do engraved metal signs?

Yes, we use the most advanced sign making technologies to engrave metal plaques in a variety of metallic finishes for all purposes. We also offer a comprehensive etching service where digital artwork can be acid etched into the metallic face of the sign and filled with enamel in any colour – this creates massive scope for a variety of finishes and textures.

What finishes do you offer?

Brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, brass, aluminium powder coated gold-effect, bronze and chrome – in other words, every type of metal finish and texture.

Can you do the artwork?

Yes – we can produce artwork for all types of metal sign at our london sign design studio – we never outsource this work. We can help you create conventional typographical designs for plaques and metal letters or help you transform your company logo, symbol or message into metallic creations. Get started with Quick Quote.

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