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Glass Signs


Action Signs have over 25 years’ experience in making, installing and maintaining glass and acrylic signs. Small glass or acrylic signs offer an alternative to traditional metal plaques and tend to give a more modern, cleaner feel in the corporate world. The aesthetic quality of large panes of glass can be enhanced using window frosting film.

A ‘glass-look’ or glass effect can be achieved without actual glass, by using much less costly materials such as acrylic or perspex. Clear acrylic panels are a versatile alternative to glass and can be cut and sign-written to your exact requirements. We often use acrylic in combination with metallic materials to create signs ideal for modern corporate surroundings.

Glass windows on your retail premises (such as a shopfront) can be used as effective space to advertise. To temporarily carry current sales promotions, to display your corporate brand or to educate and inform the customer.


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Glass and Glass-look plaques

Small glass plaques are a best seller because they are relatively cost-effective and look smart and stylish in the office environment. They can be used in combination with metallic materials for a variety of texture and can carry graphics and letters to suit your business. They can even act as frame for artwork or photographs.

See examples of glass plaques that we’ve worked on

Large Glass/Acrylic Panels and Displays

Maybe you would like to display a lot of information on a single glass panel in a shopfront or in an office area. Glass signs and acrylic panels are ideal  for this because they can be overlaid with any combination of graphics or text and can easily be cleaned and replaced with alternative information.

See examples of glass panels that we’ve worked on

Coloured Glass Acrylic Panels

Acrylic panels can be coloured in any way you’d like – either as solid blocks of colour or with a colour gradient using digital printing. This can be done without affecting the glass-like/translucent quality of the finish.

See examples of coloured glass acrylic panels that we’ve worked on

Signs For Glass Windows and Doors

Glass windows and doors are ideal spaces to advertise your business or impart information but businesses often under-utilise them. For instance, the effectiveness of a shopfront can be enhanced by using window graphics and window frosting film to promote the business directly at the eye line of the customer. Corporate offices can use frosting to re-inforce their brand or logo on a large scale without using costly materials or installation and traditional signs.

See examples of frosted logos that we’ve worked on

Materials & Finishes


There are many possible combinations of materials and finishes but to assist you in specifying the sign you need we have set out some of the most popular below. Please take a look at the available materials below and specify or ask about them when you request your quote.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much do glass signs cost?

The price varies depending on the materials used but a typical small 5mm perspex/acrylic panel or plaque would usually cost in the neighbourhood of £50. More sophisticated medium-sized glass/glass-effect 10mm panels with additional acrylic or metallic layers typically cost £300.

The only way to know for sure what your idea would cost is by using Quick Quote.

What is your approach to installing these signs in an office environment ?

We will typically allocate a nominated Action Signs employee from our London showroom who will be your first point of contact during the project so that you have continuity.

We are happy to liaise with the relevant project team, architects, other contractors or a named individual, as you require.

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