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Shop Signs


…is a business with a good sign. Maximise your shop’s footfall and revenue with quality shop signs. Action Signs has 25+ years experience of making shop signs and fascia from the highest quality sign materials.

A well designed and installed shop fascia paired with a projection sign and/or window graphics can really help generate business and publicity on the high street. Add energy-saving and cost efficient LEDs for shop signs that welcome customers into your business at night and in low light.

Action Signs’ experienced IPAF-qualified installation team will carefully install your shop signs with minimal disruption to your day to day business. We also have a comprehensive maintenance service to help you keep your sign clean and looking its best year-round.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for and would like some ideas, the first step is to browse the examples of shop signs below and above. Step two is to contact us using our Quick Quote system, through which we will turn around a professional quote for a sign within 2-4 business hours.

If you’d prefer to speak directly to a member of the Action Signs team, why not just give us a call during UK business hours on 020 8426 6600 and we will walk you through the available alternatives when it comes to shop signs. We look forward to speaking with you.

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Non-illuminated shop fascia

Some of the most effective shop signs are the simplest – using either a flex-face box, aluminium tray or simple vinyl letters brings simplicity of design, installation and maintenance. They provide a cost-effective solution to small businesses on high streets everywhere and with the right design can look highly effective on the high street.

See examples of non-illuminated shop signs that we’ve worked on

Illuminated Shop Signs

It is often very important for businesses to be seen in the high street by day and by night and in conditions of low light or bad weather. That is why there are extensive lighting options when it comes to shop signs. Choose from traditional spot lighting, LED backlighting (to accentuate individual letters), a light box to give a solid panel of continuous light or overhead trough-lighting. Check out the gallery of illuminated shop signs.

See examples of illuminated shop signs that we’ve worked on

Shopfront Letters

Add a third dimension to your shop signs using built up metal letters which are available in a full range of finishes. Choose from chrome/mirror finish, brushed stainless steel, matt-finish or painted in colour. 3D shopfront letters make your sign pop and look even more noticeable with illumination from behind or above. You can specify the depth of the letters to suit your needs.

See examples of shopfront letters that we’ve worked on

Shop Window Graphics

Shop window graphics maximise shopfront advertising space and communicate your marketing message exactly at eye line of the shopper. Ideal for sales promotions, featured products and other graphical displays. Can be a temporary or permanent shop sign solution and can be easily removed and replaced with updated graphics from time to time.

See examples of shopfront window graphics that we’ve worked on

Projection Signs For Shops

Projection signs sit at a 90 degree angle to the main shop fascia and help you get noticed in a crowded high street. There is just as much flexibility with projection signs as there is with main shop fascia – you can include 3d letters, a variety of finishes, any number of colours and illumination.

See examples of shop projection signs that we’ve worked on

Shop A-Boards

A boards or pavement signs work together with shop fascia and projection signs to draw the shopper’s attention to your business or showcase further promotional initiatives. Action Signs can ensure that if ordered as part of a package, these smaller pavement signs reflect your overall image and branding.

See examples of pavement signs and A boards

Materials & Finishes


There are many possible combinations of materials and finishes but to assist you in specifying the sign you need we have set out some of the most popular below. Please take a look at the available materials below and specify or ask about them when you request your quote.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much do shop signs and window graphics cost?

There is significant price variation depending on scale, materials used and complexity of installation but as a guide, please see the following from our FAQ. We are very happy to discuss your budget and help you choose the most cost-effective solution for your business.

Shop facia non-illuminated 5m x 0.9m  £600.00 to £800.00
Shop facia illuminated light box 5m x 0.9m £900.00 to £1200.00
Shop facia specialist fabricated 5m x 0.9m £1500.00 to £3500.00

To be sure use Quick Quote, which promises a professional business quote in 2-4 business hours.

Can you do the artwork?

Our in-house design team based in our London design studio has been designing shop signs for 25+ years and can readily work with you to creating artwork (or helping you adapt your current artwork based on your existing brand to suit the purpose of the sign). Whichever suits you best.

Can I see a mock up before I have the sign installed?

Yes – we will send you a digital mock up of the sign as it would appear in situ and to scale against a wireframe background for your approval before the sign is made and installed.

How long will it last?

We guarantee all permanent installations for 12 months where a fault is caused directly by our own negligence and will repair or replace any item that is identified to be at fault within this time. We expect all of our signs to have a long shelf life and depending on production method and materials used, most shop signs, with regular care and maintenance, will last between 7 and 10 years.

More Inspiration

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