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Neon Light Signs


Neon light signs are world famous for making a striking first impression. Advances in sign technology and manufacturing mean that it is now possible to re-create the striking effect of exposed neon tubes with energy- and cost-efficient LED lighting.

Action Signs have been making and installing neon light signs since 1989 and can advise on the neon or illuminated sign best suited to your business’s needs. For example: an office reception sign may be best achieved by 3D metal letters with LED back-lighting to create a soft glowing ‘halo’ effect, an illuminated shop sign can be created with an LED-illuminated light box, or, if you’re looking for a more traditional neon light sign we can produce old-school exposed neon tubes seen in bar signs and restaurant signs all over the world, in any shape or size. Please take a look at the examples below.

No matter what type of neon light sign or illuminated LED sign you are looking for, Action Signs can help. Let us help you turn your initial ideas into a glowing reality. The quickest way to get a quote is to use our Quick Quote service (which promises a quotation within 2-4 business hours) or to just give us a call during business hours on 020 8426 6600. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Exposed Neon Light Signs

Exposed neon tubes are the classic example of a neon light sign. They deliver an impactful, unmistakable message in the night sky and during the day. They can be produced in any shape, size or color. We have worked on small neon light signs such as this one and gigantic jumbo-tron signs (Action Signs was responsible for the Sanyo Sign in London’s piccadilly circus). Such signs often look look like works of art.

See examples of exposed neon light signs that we’ve worked on

School logo back-lit with LEDs at night

External Neon-effect Letters

Businesses that want to get noticed at night very often use 3D metal letters and shapes with LEDs fitted in the interior to create a neon-like glow or ‘halo’ around each letter. This is very similar to the effect of traditional neon but far less costly and much more durable. LED illuminated letters pierce the darkness so your customers won’t miss you.

See examples of external neon effect letters that we’ve worked on

Neon-look reception sign for office entrance

Office Reception and Neon Wall Signs

If your company is trying to make a great first impression, illuminated color LED neon light signs give an amazing first impression to your guests and reinforce the brand image at the door. LED signs such as these can be embedded into office partition walls or set away from the wall using metal letters.

See examples of office reception neon light signs that we’ve worked on

Neon-look restaurant sign

Shopfront Neon Light Signs

If you own a high street shop, you may need a prominent sign that works for you by day and by night to maximise business. This is particularly true of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, off licences and newsagents that are typically open after hours. We are very experienced in making and installing LED-lit halo letters, shopfront light boxes and neon window signs.

See examples of shopfront neon light signs that we’ve worked on

Lightbox sign for London bar

LED Illuminated Light Boxes

LED illuminated light boxes offer a great alternative to traditional neon light signs. They emit a bright, powerful light and can be crafted into any shape or size. They are ideal for bar and restaurant signs, shop fascia and internal office walls or business signs where illumination is important or there is otherwise low light.

See examples of LED Illuminated lightboxes that we’ve worked on

Materials & Finishes


There are many possible combinations of materials and finishes but to assist you in specifying the sign you need we have set out some of the most popular below. Please take a look at the available materials below and specify or ask about them when you request your quote.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much do neon signs cost?

There are many varieties of neon and illuminated sign and as such there is no set price. The best way to find out exactly is our Quick Quote service through which we can provide you with a professional business quote within 2-4 hours.

How quickly can you do it?

Back-lit LED illuminated letters and light boxes typically take between 5-7 business days from design to completion/installation. Classic neon tube signs take slightly longer due to the manufacturing methods used. We offer a rush service at a premium for clients working on a compressed timeframe.

How long do illuminated signs last?

Again, it depends on the type of sign but as a guide, LED light signs (i.e. the majority of illuminated signs) tend to last for around 10+ years depending on how much they are used. Exposed neon tubes last slightly less time but can cost in electricity bills.

How will an illuminated sign grow my business?

Like all signs, an illuminated/lighted sign is an advert for your business and should be seen as an investment rather than a cost and expense of the business.  Using cutting edge illumination techniques, Action Signs can help you set your sign apart from your competitors. Our professional installation team (always in house and never sub-contracted) and our comprehensive maintenance after-care service together guarantee that your illuminated signs will stand out from the rest.

More Inspiration

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