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frosted window film

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Frosted Window Film


Frosted window film is everywhere – and for good reason. It offers a level of privacy in offices and other interior spaces, it adds to the aesthetic quality of expansive panels of glass and can help for marketing purposes by carrying a corporate brand, symbol or message.

Action Signs specialise in bespoke frosted window film for businesses, offices and large spaces and are experts in decorative window graphic designs. We cut window frosting film to the millimetre so it fits perfectly on the designated windows or partition walls. Our experienced installation team regularly completes work in corporate office environments where it is critical the job is completed quickly without inconvenience or disruption to the day to day running of the business.

Window frosting film can carry letters and logos, can be cut with a unique, personalised pattern and with digital printing can be shaded or tinted to suit your exact requirements.

Check out the gallery of window frosting film jobs we’ve worked on on this page and either use the Quick Quote service to the right or give us a call to talk through your requirements in more detail. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Window Frosting Film For Privacy

If you need privacy internally within your office space or wish to break up a large expanse of glass, frosted window film is the ideal cost effective solution. If you’re looking for something similar we can supply, and if required, install lengths of this across partition walls and internal glass office doors – it adds a level of privacy and creates a subtle aesthetic accent to sheets of otherwise plain glass.

See examples of frosted privacy glass that we’ve worked on

Frosted Logos

Window frosting film can define your corporate brand on glass in an subtle and understated way. This is a technique that is commonly seen on shopfronts, entrance areas to offices and in internal working spaces. Logos can be depicted in white frosting or in any number of Pantone colours using digital printing.

See examples of frosted logos that we’ve worked on

Shop Window Frosting

Window frosting film can be very effective when used in a shopfront window in combination with vinyl graphics to convey your brand. It helps to create the backdrop for a feature window whilst providing privacy to shop staff and customers.

See examples of flat cut metal letters that we’ve worked on

Materials & Finishes


There are many possible combinations of materials and finishes but to assist you in specifying the sign you need we have set out some of the most popular below. Please take a look at the available materials below and specify or ask about them when you request your quote.

One of our leading Suppliers swatches can be reviewed here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you install in offices?

Yes, we are very experienced in installing frosted window film in internal office spaces. We are sensitive to the needs of the business and will install your frosted film with minimal disruption to your day-to-day business. We can work seamlessly with your project team, architects, designers or individuals to ensure the window frosting film is delivered and installed on time in accordance with your project milestones.

How much does it cost?

It varies, but a typical piece of 3 meter square window frosting film costs £90.00 + vat. Digitally printed and patterned alternatives are more expensive. The best way to find out is to use our Quick Quote service which will return a quote within 2-4 business hours.

Can you do the artwork?

If your frosted window film is digitally printed or patterned you may wish to work with us to design your frosted film to your exact specification and corporate brand – what kind of thing are you looking for? Let our London-based designers know and we can provide full colour mockups of what your glass surfaces will look like following installation.

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