Sign manifestations on windows and glass partitions

Health and Safety documents.

Action Signs go to great lengths to ensure the health and safety of their clients, their staff and the general public. We have a comprehensive Health and Safety policy which can be downloaded in PDF form by clicking the link below. Please also see below for an explanation of the health and safety obligations for glass manifestations.

Key documents

Legal Requirements for Glass Manifestations
Please see this link for the legislative requirements for glass manifestations from the Building Regulations 2000 (Download PDF). We have also provided a simplified guide to explain this document (see images below):

Here is a simplified version of the legislative rules, and how you can comply with them. The blue bands represent the bands described in document M1/M2 whilst dimensions on the left give our recommended heights from floor level, up to the centre of the manifestation design The diagram here shows our 50 mm Range at two levels on a glazed screen.

If you opt for a custom manifestation and create a vinyl logo or other none continuous design, this must be at least 150mm high, and at the two levels as shown to comply with regulations.

Although our 50mm range of standard designs is enough to comply with the Building Regulations, our 150 mm range can look better on larger curtain walling screens. giving a more professional, designer look.

Larger custom designs can be used, and are only needed at one level. provided it crosses into both bands described (see right). We would recommend a minimum height of 500 mm for the design, and that the design is applied 1200mm above floor level to centreline.